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About Di Lucias Marino

Di Lucias Ireland is dedicated to availing the tastiest food and quality service to our customers. We can assure you of a hospitality experience like no other. We are committed to giving our customers only the best and nothing else. Our menu is defined by quality, variety, and value. All our meals are prepared to the highest standards possible. We take our time to get the best ingredients and use them creatively to achieve the right flavour in every meal. When it comes to the drinks we offer, we ensure they are carefully selected to be great accompaniments for the food. Our menu is also very wide as we aim to give every customer sufficient freedom to choose what they want. The meal deals and special offers provided comprise of favoured items that we wish to give to customers at the best value possible. At Di Lucias Ireland, we do the best we can to ensure the enjoyment of our customers. Our food delivery service will take care of those who cannot manage to enjoy the meals at our premises. If you want impeccable service, try us.

Di Lucias Marino Restaurant

We are located along Philipsburgh Avenue in the Dublin 3 area of Ireland. This location is marked by a unique access to both the sea and land. Being in the vicinity of Dublin city center, our customers are assured of a quick and orderly road transport. We generally serve people within our neighbourhood as well as those coming from the city and beyond. The serenity around our restaurant is just great for a perfect meal session. The various streets, accessibility options, and public amenities within our neighbourhood are enough to give everyone visiting us a great time free from agony.

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